A digital Interactive Table for cognitive and functional exercises

A digital interactive whiteboard for the motor, and cognitive exercises, which is used in the treatment of people with neurological/musculoskeletal disorders: dementia, alzheimer's disease, stroke, трауматска an injury to the brain, injury to the vertebral column, and Guillain-Barre syndrome, a мултипла sclerosis, cerebral paralysis, slowdown in growth,fracture, injury to ligaments/тетиви, muscle атрофија, and the like. The device is also ideal for the treatment of children/persons with аутистичен spectrum disorders, ADHD (a syndrome of deficiency of attention and hyperactivity), the centers for the stimulation of children's development and psychological training, as well as homes for elderly people.


  • to improve the manipulation with the hands
  • co-ordination-eye-hands
  • visual perception
  • the identification of the forms of
  • memory
  • class
  • the ability to solve problems
  • spatial orientation
  • the time of reaction and resourcefulness


Visual feedback


Piece of neural audio feedback