Smart glove - Digital-Active Recovery

Smart glove is a device for active digital recovery when using repetitive movements promote the process of the невропластичност in patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders . The function of the brain is restructured, or the healthy parts of the brain that have taken over the function of damaged by the formation of a new синапси between the nerve cells. Most recently, it is confirmed that you can create a new one синапса in the brain that takes a lot of repetitions of the same movement, they often know how to move boring and демотивирачки, as well as for the patient and the therapist.



Unlike the conventional methods, the smart glove offers a very different, modern and interactive approach, in which patients are over the fun of the games is the focus on the performance of a given task, and in this way, we increase the domains of cognitive/motor functions.


Smart glove to turn physical therapy into a game

The device provides in-depth reports, AROM/PROM, and all the individual movements (the fingers/подлактица/wrist), as well as the graphs of the status/progress of the same, with the passage of time.